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Der ultrastarke Big One X wurde von der tschechischen Firma HUGO Bike hergestellt und ist das leistungsstärkste Modell der Marke, insbesondere an den anspruchsvollsten Kunden orientiert. Probieren Sie diesen Geländescooter, für den Hügel oder Gelände keine Herausforderung darstellen. Mit dem leistungsstarken 13.000 W Elektromotor und großen Rädern mit Geländereifen genießen Sie die Fahrt auch im schwierigsten Gelände. Mit der 31 Ah Batterie schaffen Sie im Gelände bis zu 70 km.

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Informationen zum Produkt

You can customize your scooter by choosing from a broad RAL color palette and this separately for the frame, decals, HUGO lettering, rims of both wheels and their hubs. There are up to 32 768 color combinations available to you. You may even add your own brand, carbon elements and other accessories to your scooter. After placing your order, you will be contacted by phone by the colleagues with regard to what color finish you wish to have featured on your HUGO Bike scooter.


An absolute beast and asphalt ripper! Do you want to treat yourself with maximum dose of adrenaline? We present to you the Big One X – an ultra-powerful single-motor scooter made by HUGO Bike. If you are an adrenaline junkie, this scooter will take you wherever you decide to go. Its brutal power of 13 000 W and extreme off-road range of up to 70 km predestine it to long trips, on which you will be truly able to enjoy the power delivered by this beast. Thanks to its large wheels and durable tires (front 26x4 and rear 20x4), this scooter can practically handle any terrain and can be ridden all year round in any weather conditions. Winter is no obstacle for the X model. On the contrary, riding in the snow will bring you a lot of fun. Thanks to its incredible 0 to 50 km/h acceleration in breathtaking 1.5 seconds, you will experience G-forces similar to riding a roller coaster. The color design is fully customizable based on your preferences.

You may choose from a broad RAL color palette. Including frames, rims, lettering and decals. You may even add your own brand, carbon elements and other accessories to your scooter.


Body, design and equipment

The idea behind the Big One X scooter stems from a unique design based on the extensive know-how in making mountain bikes. The large and wide front and rear wheels are embedded in a proven frame structure that is strong, stable and is known for its perfect build quality. Each scooter is manually assembled by a mechanic, which ensures high-quality manufacture without compromises. Unlike the competition or mass-produced scooters, it is possible to customize various scooter components based on the individual wishes of the customer so that you always feel comfortable and safe. So, it doesn't matter whether you are tall or short, HUGO Bike will always gladly incorporate your personal requirements. The design similar to a mountain bike ensures trouble-free replacement of individual components as these are largely available for purchase at regular bicycle shops. In manufacturing their scooters, people at HUGO Bike use premium materials and parts that are mostly purchased from proven Czech suppliers. The frame is made of a specially wrought aluminum alloy that is similar to the one used in the aerospace industry. This ensures maximum scooter durability and, at the same time, rider safety. Your riding comfort is taken care of by wide and tall tires on huge wheels that are capable of very effectively eliminating most terrain holes and bumps. The solid and robust scooter frame is the reason why it is not possible to fold it into a more compact size, which means that you will not be able to load it into the trunk of a regular car but rather have to transport it using other methods. Worth mentioning is also the well-arranged color information display made in-house by HUGO Bike company, which displays all important data, such as speed, current gear, daily kilometers travelled (TRIP), total kilometers travelled (ODO) and the current battery level. Thanks to its high brightness output, the display stays legible even in adverse weather conditions. The scooter is equipped with a reliable thumb lever and cruise control.


You can customize your scooter by choosing from a broad RAL color palette and this separately for the frame, decals, HUGO lettering, rims of both wheels and their hubs. There are up to 32 768 color combinations available to you. You may even add your own brand, carbon elements and other accessories to your scooter. After placing your order, you will be contacted by phone by the colleagues with regard to what color finish you wish to have featured on your HUGO Bike scooter.

Safety and ride quality

HUGO Bike produces best quality scooters utilizing materials of highest quality and state-of-the-art technologies. Thanks to its stable and solid design, the Big One X is one of the safest scooters on the market. It provides customers with excellent riding comfort even on long journeys. It is easy to control and has a frame strength capable of withstanding extreme load. That us why you can afford rough handling this scooter and a few extra adrenaline jumps to make your off-road riding more attractive. People at HUGO Bike did not go down the route of equipping their scooter with small wheels that require suspension. Instead, they fitted the scooter with large wheels and massive Kenda tires capable of very effectively filtering out most terrain holes and bumps. This solution improves riding stability and eliminates undesirable squeaking noises often produced by some sprung scooters. The Big One X is equipped with high-quality hydraulic disc brakes providing you with smoothly controlled braking power in any situation. You will surely appreciate the recuperative charging feature that returns some of the energy back to your battery. It does not matter if you start your trip in daylight or in reduced visibility. Your visibility is maintained by the white front light and the rear red light, both of which increase their luminosity when braking. Coming as a bonus is the easy-to-maintain anti-skid deck surface preventing riders from slipping in bad weather or extreme situation.


Power and range

The performance and range always depend on battery capacity, engine power, rider’s weight and weather conditions. The Big One X scooter is equipped with a single yet extremely powerful 13 000 W electric motor located in the rear wheel. Thanks to high performance of this motor, it is possible to reach up to 70 km/h in ideal conditions, which is a truly respectable speed. As a standard, this model comes with a battery providing 31 Ah capacity and allowing reaching a 70 km range even in difficult terrain. Naturally, the maximum range can be significantly increased if you choose a less difficult terrain and a more comfortable ride. With such a long range, you can leave the charger at home and forget about having to look for a suitable place to charge your machine while on a trip. However, should even such a long range be not enough for you, a fast 3 A charger supplied as a standard will replenish your battery in a short time and your machine will be ready to continue riding. The battery pack made in the Czech Republic houses top quality battery cells found on the market and does not suffer from any undesirable memory effect, which is why it is going to last many years, subject to proper charging and maintenance.


Use and practicality

Given its solid structure and extreme performance, this is a scooter primarily intended for off-road use. It won’t be frightened by extremely difficult terrain or even a very steep hill. Thanks to high quality assembly, you do not have to worry about your scooter giving up on you on a long trip. The large and well-suspended tires make your ride comfortable both on cobblestones in the city and on the field roads. However, its weight of about 55 kg must be taken into account. You will probably sweat a lot when carrying this scooter up the stairs or over obstacles. The scooter’s robust frame that can not be folded into a smaller size is another less sweet feature, resulting in poorer compactness. This means that you will have difficulty taking the scooter with you inside a restaurant (for instance), rather you will have to lock it outside like a bicycle. Despite greater weight and poorer compactness, the adrenaline lovers will definitely appreciate this machine. You will have a hard time finding any competition.



Our rating

This scooter is simply extreme! If you love extremes then it is meant for you. It is obvious that custom handmade production and high product quality have not died out yet in the Czech Republic. HUGO Bike produces a scooter model that is unrivalled on the market. The Big One X is a completely unique scooter for lovers of enormous power and adrenaline. The proven frame design is exceptional by its ability to pass through terrain like no other. Add to it precise workmanship and high quality of the materials used and we get a machine of high utility value. The scooter meets the paper specs declared by the manufacturer, having a functional design and being very safe to ride. Believe us – riding this scooter will give you a true experience you will never forget.




We are a dealer of the HUGO Bike brand for Central Europe. We offer warranty and post-warranty servicing, which is provided at our service center. We have most of the spare parts in stock or we can quickly get them directly from the manufacturer – HUGO Bike, with which we have a close working relationship. Therefore, when buying this scooter, you do not have to worry about service, poor availability of spare parts, diagnostics or possibly more challenging defects.


About the brand

HUGO Bike is a purely Czech company based in Boršov nad Vltavou in the South Bohemian Region. It has been operating on the market since 2011 when a team of four enthusiasts established the HUGO Bike brand. By now, this company has earned good reputation on foreign markets, including the USA. To build its models, it uses many years of experience in producing mountain bikes and incorporates certain long-proven components into its scooter models. The scooters made by this company are characterized by custom hand-made production, timeless design, high quality of components, materials used and, above all, by above-standard quality as the company cooperates exclusively with the best Czech suppliers, from which it buys most of the components. The HUGO Bike brand has appropriately chosen a bunny with fluttering ears for its logo, symbolizing freedom of movement and the joy of riding.

Einfache Wartung
70 km/h
55 kg
13000 W
70 km
Gefedertes Fahrwerk vorne
Kann eine Steigung bewältigen
Hydraulische Bremse vorne
Motor hinten
Extreme Leistung
Vordere Beleuchtung
Hydraulische Bremse hinten
Luftgefüllte Reifen
Mehrere Lackierungsvarianten
Data sheet
Parameter Der vom Hersteller angegebene Wert Max Blinker unabhängige Messung Bewertung
Gewicht mit Batterie 55 kg Bis jetzt nicht getestet
Dauer der Aufladung 7 h Bis jetzt nicht getestet
Max. Geschwindigkeit vor der Entsperrung 25 km/h Bis jetzt nicht getestet
Max. Konstruktionsgeschwindigkeit 70 km/h Bis jetzt nicht getestet
Spitzenleistung 13000 W Bis jetzt nicht getestet
Laufleistung 70 km Bis jetzt nicht getestet
Data sheet
Sonstige Parameter
Parameter Der vom Hersteller angegebene Wert
      Länge 190 cm  
      Höhe 120 cm  
      Breite 70 cm  
      Länge zusammengelegt 190 cm  
      Höhe zusammengelegt 120 cm  
      Breite zusammengelegt 70 cm  
      Typ der Batterie Lithium  
      Batteriespannung 48 V  
      Batteriekapazität 31 Ah  
      Energie in der Batterie 1488 Wh  
      Energierückgewinnung ja  
      Steuerungssystem Daumenhebel  
      Tempomat ja  
      Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzer ja  
      Antrieb Hinterradantrieb  
      Vordere Bremse hydraulische Scheibenbremse  
      Hintere Bremse hydraulische Scheibenbremse  
      Typ des Rads vorne luftgefüllt mit Schlauch  
      Größe des vorderen Rades 26x4  
      Typ des hinteren Rades luftgefüllt mit Schlauch  
      Größe des Rads hinten 20x4  
      Federung front  
      Vordere Aufhängung suspension fork  
      Beleuchtung vordere  
      Bremsleuchte ja  
      Max. Belastung 120 kg  


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